Friday, July 29, 2011

How we live longer in poem and song and art

in the mail this week: 2 awesome Postagrams. THANKS Jessi! loved both, and loved the contrast - the nature moment from the garden and the architecture from Paris. (Postagrams are postal deliveries of eMail messages. didn't know about them.)

garden moments
from one garden to the other: the nature card made me take a photo walk through the garden here. i returned with a photo for the 100 days project:

there is so much in a garden. and so many things it reflects: the way things take their time, and the way each living thing grows in individual shape and color. how things arrive by planning and buying, and some by chance. more garden and other photos, in the 100 days blog: participation.

The BluePrintReview Challenge issue
and now, a large simple step: from the home garden into world words:
the new issue of blueprintreview is now launching, the first pages are online. it's the Challenge Issue. i am piecing together the newsletter right now, blog carnival included, to send out today. how to put all this creation in a couple of words?

The China Issue + in poem
and another new issue: Asian Cha's "Chine Issue" is up. there's a feature on it up in Daily s-Press with notes and links: The China Issue. have patience with the opening pages, it's worth it. if you are into travelogues, visit the non-fiction section and try "How bright we are" by Madeleine Marie Slavick, with accompanying images by the author. here's a moment from it:

"I try to sleep, but in the next room, dutar. I want to dress, join with sound, I want to stay. How we live longer in poem and song."

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Anonymous said...

Love those Postagrams > they're the coolest of things :-)

As for your flower photo > amazing, really, how the detail in the center takes on the appearance of intricate bead work mixed with jewels ~