Monday, July 25, 2011

the sky & the challenge

a sky quote, from the book i started to read this weekend, "the idea of perfection" by Kate Grenville (orange prize 2001):

"The country made the city and all its anxieties seem small and silly, and yet when you had been too long in the city, you forgot how the sun moving through its path was a long slow drama, and the way the sky was always there, big and easy-going."

the quote made me go and look for a sky photo, and realize there havn't been much photo-esque skies so far in july. so i revisted last year's july file, where i came across the sky photo above.

in contrast to the lack of skies, july comes with a gathering of challenges - in form of stories, essays, photos and poems, received for the next issue of blueprintreview: #28: challenge. when all works out, the issue will launch tomorrow. like the previous issues, it will launch in steps, to give the challenges some space and time to unfold. more about it, hopefully, tomorrow.

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