Wednesday, July 20, 2011

time and place, poetry and paris, and a bird

today, it's rain. it's also the deadline day for the next language/place blog carnival.

the rain is perfect desk weather: it's a week of parallel projects again, both freelance and independent. also, i am still processing Paris. i now worked through the blog posts from the road, and edited them into a longer post with Paris travel advice (with museum links) and a stream of Paris moments.

altogether, i wish for time - the thing with me and travel is that it takes about double time of travelling to process it, especially with short trips. and parallel, after a trip, it’s catch-up time. summed up, i would need a kind of double-double-extra time, and instead there is reflection and catch-up competing.

and the other little self-made obstacle: the upcoming challenge issue of blueprintreview, which is planned for end of july – which happens to be next week :)  the synergy issue was so strong and complex – i know that i shouldn’t even try to compare those, or try to top the other. like with different journeys, it’s not a competition, it’s about exploring new places from unexpected, different angles.

and place: from timing, it looks like the "poetry of place" edition of the language/place carnival, hosted by Walter Bjorkman, will launch this week already. as introduction, Walter now put a slideshow for the edition online: the poetry of place - slideshow.

which altogether feels like these days: things on the move, and each moment already followed by the next.

in between all, a surprise visitor: a Stieglitz bird. a rare guest, it's the first i saw this year. it sat right in the white cosmeas, ignoring rain and wind.

and one final link - after pausing while travelling, i now returned to the 100 days project, and you can easily see the influence of Paris in the current days: 100 days of daily photos.

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