Friday, September 30, 2011


the new issue of Blue Fifth Review is up (not to be confused with Blue Print Review :) - and it's a Flash Special, with 5 stories. the cover art is a photo i took in Mallorca last year, on the day after a storm that had  brought torrential rain. the rain had turned fields to lakes, and changed the feel of the whole island. in its own way, it was fascinating. the image is a moment from the drive along the road that leads through the Tramuntana - a the hilly Northern coast of Mallorca.

i just looked for a blog / diary entry from back then, and found it:
the island is a different one after the rain. the ocean changed color. flowers open. and there are streams of water, everywhere. small waterfalls at the roadside. flocks of swallows over olive yards that still are ponds.

and there is the sun. returning today. turning on the vast blue sky again.
there also are some photos from the transition:  after the rain.

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