Saturday, October 1, 2011

birds (+ horses)

the new photo friday theme is: animals.

which made me think of a recent conversation with Rose Hunter - YB opened to submissions in September. the theme is: animals. (here the guidelines)

Rose: "Yes! YB is open to subs.... We're getting some really good ones. Ron asked about animal pics and I said yes, send! If you have any animal pics too, send!"

Dorothee: "animal photos... hmm... i am not really that much into animal images. but i took a horse image in france, i just sent it, just for the moment: it connects to your horsies.

Rose: "Thanks for the horsey. Where was the pic taken? I could maybe do a horsey collage / horse / mule / donkey theme.... :) OR - just add him to them, on FB.... It looks like a Shetland pony (?) ...Yes - I know you don't have a lot of pics of animals on your blog. Plants! :) Although I did notice some butterflies...."

Dorothee: "The horsey is a Pyrenee Horse. Or rather: I don’t know which kind of horse it is, but we met in the Pyrenee mountains, on the way to the summit of mountain Tourmalet. Oh, and yes: the butterfly images  -and thinking of it, there are birds, too."

that was a week ago. and now, photo friday: animals. as if picking up on it. so now i looked for birds. the ones above are from France, same morning and place as the Narbonne sunrise.  and more birds, in this blog: life as a journey / birds

the horse is online, now, too - Rose put an international horse collage together in facebook: Issue 5: Animals, Or, What Is Turnin out to Be: The Equine Album.


Christopher Allen said...

Incredible. The space, the light. Beautiful.

Dorothee Lang said...

thanks - it was like a dream, being there. journeys, and the unplannable, beautiful moments they bring.

Rose Hunter said...

I need to go on a smiley and punctuation detox diet. :) AH! It's unstoppable!!! :) :)

Yeah, I love this image (the birds). Stole it already, in fact.....