Friday, October 21, 2011

Essen: Chipperfield, Comics & Café Köller

back home from the Ruhr Region. here's one photo i really like, and that also gives an idea of Essen: this mix of local and international atmosphere: Happy New Ears next to Hoffmanns Erzählungen. and just steps from there: a modern museum of old and new art, designed by David Chipperfield, and named: Folkwang.

no photos allowed inside, but here's one from the entry area that gives an idea: inside merging with outside

and here is a youtube-clip: Museum Folkwang

in contrast to the modern art and architecture, a moment from the old centry of the city:
the "Burgplatz" with historic statue.

some more mixed moments from Essen, below: statue, comic fair, you are here, drive..

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