Monday, January 23, 2012

haiku dragons & munich dragon

today is Chinese new year: with new moon, the year of the dragon starts. to celebrate this event, a fabulous dragon haiku collection is now featured in the blueprint book blog: "The Language of Dragons" - a free PDF-book.

here's one of my favourites from it:

ocean hiss
up from the cliffs
the language of dragons
 - Peter Newton  

and more dragons: in Munich i came across an impressive green dragon, right at Marienplatz - see photo above. and yesterday, during a sunday drive, i came across a bridge named "Drachenlochbrücke" - "Dragon Hole Bridge".  i tried to find out more about the place, without luck - but i came across another place, in Switzerland, with a similar name: Drachenloch: the highest prehistoric cave in Europe, with relicts that date back 50.000 year, a time when people believed that dragons were real - a time when they became part of legends and tales that still reverberate in our time.

happy new year!
may the water dragon bring good energies~~


Rouchswalwe said...

Happy New Year!
I wonder, is the dragon in München green because it's copper? Or is it stone?

Dorothee said...

Happy New Year!
i am not sure - but i think it is copper, or stone with a metal layer.

it's at Marienplatz, at the left corner of the townhall.