Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1(000) photos

a photo from today: Mallorca, seen from its northernmost point: Formentor. on sunny days like today, the water there is an unreal blue-turquois. and the drive up there is one of the most scenic of the whole island. curves, ocean views, curves, more ocean views.

2 more images are up in larger size in the daily photo blog: end of i/sland + sign/age

while cruising along the curves, i thought of photos and places again: that often, there are some typical images to each place. for Formentor, it's this bay, the views from the photo-points along the scenic drive, and the lighthouse at the end of the road (try Google images for an idea: Formentor).

yet even all those pictures together cover just a fraction of all that is Formentor. and Formentor. it was just about 2 hours of today.

that's the beauty of being out there: all those moments and views. they are still playing in my mind. (how does our mind do it? store all those images of our life, the views of all the places we've been to?)

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