Tuesday, April 24, 2012

island time

So here it is: the island time. So good to be here, even though the skies here copied our home sky: the only constant is the ongoing change from cloudy to sunny to undediced yet.

But the forecast for today and the next days looks good. And just being here, with sun or wirh clouds - it really is like stepping through a gate, into another rhythm. The great thing here is that you not only have the ocean, but also lots of different landscapes.

Today first was about walking along the beach - and then later, the focus turned to the mountains. There is a long mountain range on the Eastside of the island, the "Tramuntana". It even includes 2 mountain lakes. That's where the picture is from.

The book I am reading is fitting, too: A Walk in the Woods from Bill Bryson, about hiking the Appalachian Trail, and being out of the usual urban rhythm for a while. Reading it made me think of the book I read a while ago, about walking the pilgrimage way “Jakobsweg” to Santiago de Compostella in Europe. There are several Jakobswege leading towards the main passage – and when googling it, it turned out that one of it actually goes through Plochingen, the town next to where i live. I even walked a part of it already without knowing about it. Here’s a blog entry (in German): Auf dem Jakobsweg

It’s one of the synergies of travel: the being away from home that makes you see and find things you otherwise would have missed, abroad, but also at home.

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