Sunday, April 29, 2012

5k, rain, and something new

it finally rained: yesterday evening the wind picked up (at home, we would have called it "storm"). then rain started to fall. "that's it, change of weather", we thought. but after 20 minutes, the rain stopped. and this morning, it's blue sky again, with all cars looking like they just came back from a cross-country race - the rain had carried sand. and lasted just enough to cover everything, without washing things clean again.

why all those notes on the weather? because here, everything depends on it. the island is a different world when it rains. and the places, they are made for sunny days.


this actually is my second blog post today, the first is up over at wordpress, for the 5k-wordpress-running-challenge: 5K Challenge – jogging along Alcudia Bay, Mallorca


the photos above are from today's sunday drive: along countryside roads, passing towns that are named "Sa Pobla", "Muro" and "Santa Margalida", and with some stops in scenic places. driving back, i noticed a sign at a walkway: "s'Albufera Nature Park" it said. the gates were open. so i parked, and tried, not sure what to expect. the first minutes were rather plain: a simple, straight way with bushes and shrubs on both sides. but then a trail started, leading to a platform that overlooked the river - an onwards along the river to a bridge. lots of birds there, herons, ducks, and others i don't know the name of. and further along the path, a visitor centre waited, and a shallow lake with a bird-watching-hut. so good.

i am glad i stopped, thinking of the advice from a former trip: "Every day, try something new". here are more images from the park, via google image search: S'Albufera Nature Park

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