Wednesday, June 20, 2012

solstice, and what if we

a thought for solstice:

"And what if we already had
all it takes
for a beautiful life?"


the quote, it's from the Mallorca island diary. i was reminded of it yesterday when i came across this line of advice that felt overwhelming: "Embrace Perfection".

my first thought when i read it was: give me a spare life, and i will be all up for it, together with a season spent in a monastery, and all those other things that woud be good to learn / do / read / once a door of time opens with them.

then i read on, and broke into a smile:

Your life requires no improvement. In fact, the most ecological way to embrace change is to experience this moment as perfect just the way it is.
You just stubbed your toe perfectly. Your boss just yelled at you beautifully. Embrace, love, and flow with the perfection your life continually offers.

so easy. so difficult.

hello summer.

hello perfect, lovely, chaotic, unique, imperfect flow of all those days that connect to this thing called existence - to this beautiful life.


(here's the whole text: 3 keys to staying present under pressure)

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