Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WOR(L)DS APART, on the way

after all the words it takes to write a book and revise it, now words fail me. but there it is:
Wor(l)ds Apart, coming together. the file, almost finalized, the galley now going on a journey with Jessi, the magic editor of Folded Word, who will read through it (and from it :) on the road - what better place could there be for the final check and the first video of a journey book. 

and here's the Folded Word news with a note on this book and other upcoming projects.
very excited to be part of this: What's New at Folded Word


Michelle Elvy said...

Wonderful, Dorothee. So glad to see this news... :)

Dorothee Lang said...

Thanks, Michelle. And the book, one day i have to type out the "Making Of" story. but then, i guess there is a long and winding story behind almost every book, a journey of words.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! So excited for you. It looks beautiful, and I can't wait to read the finished copy, well, and in my case, hold it on my Kindle. :)