Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Seven Things in Seven Days

july full moon it was on tuesday. which was yesterday, actually. it feels longer ago. Julimond, it's called in German.  it brought the lauch of Flash Across Borders - the fourth edition of the Aotearoa Affair Blog Carnival includes 26 lively tales + 8 reflections on flash as format. very excited to see this online, and great again to co-edit a blog carnival with Michelle Elvy, the elve of flash.

the july moon also brought rain, and while it was falling, i put together a blog note for the upcoming 100 Days of Summer - the web project of shared creativity, and which made me go and start my photo blog last year, which i keep returning to since then. if you want to join the 100 days, you're welcome. here's more: 100 Days of Summer.

and more: the Translation Issue of language/place just went live today. it's hosted by Steve Wing in his Delinquent Dispatch blog, and turned into a colorful and thoughtful venture into translations in all their forms. i have a piece in it, too: Forms of Being.

in between all, i bought some new flowers: cosmos. and accidentally took a Buddha photo, the fourth in the image above. that happened when i connected the camera to the computer. it feels like the counterpart to the timeline ride below. it also made me remember that yoga line about finding stillness inside, even when the outside is in constant motion.

and some extra notes, to fill up the 7:
... the musing playing right now is "Junimond" - i thought the title was julymond, but there it is: bye bye Junimond.
... in the back of my mind: the message from Jessi about the Worlds Apart book: all files are uploaded, and a proof copy is on the way to her, and i think of it, there, on the road, passing towns and fields, and of all those steps it takes to make a book come together.
... the title of the post is inspired by a blog post by Linda at Leftbrainwrite: Seven Things in Seven Days.
... and i just saw that the new qarrtsiluni issue is on: Fragments.

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