Monday, August 13, 2012

day 40 of 100, or: the relativity of time

today: day 40 of my 100 days of summer project. after a long series of mirror images, i am now following the theme of "Interpretations": the same photo in different versions.

yesterday was different, though: after some sun/shade time on the terrace and reading in the collection of the River of Stones, i included a single sunday image, a prayer flag moment, here: in the wind.

the "River of Stones" was a project of daily creativity that took place in July last year, and again in January this year, the task there was: to write a short, observing poem / "small stone" daily for a month.

the crossing back also made me think about time: it’s interesting how for the river of stones, writing on a daily bases for 31 days felt long. but now, with a project of 100 days, the same amount of 31 days feel shorter, just a part of it, just the first third.

i am also experimenting with the theme setting - and now switched to Mixfolio, which creates a collage-like starting page. not sure if i like the overall layout, but i might stay with it for some days, see how it feels in time.

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