Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Otoliths: Interpretations & other visuals

the new Otoliths Magazine is online!

it includes a series of 3 visuals that came together as a collaborative "side" effect of the 100 days project: Interpretations by Julia Davies and Dorothee Lang

seeing this online made me go to our previous collaboration, which made me note the (unplanned) parallels: the colors and the complex structures: "Time & Space" in Mixitini Matrix 

back from there, i browsed Otoliths, the new issue comes with wonderful visuals. here's a collage of some of my favourites: John M. Bennett and Matthew Stolte, lindsay cahil, Sean Burn, Cherie Hunter Day:

and here's the list to the table of contents: Otoliths #26 - southern winter, 2012
(yes, it's that large :)

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