Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mount Tongariro memories

this is a photo from (more than) a couple of years ago: this is me, crossing Mount Tongariro in New Zealand. that was in the time before digital cameras and blogs. and surely, i wouldn't have been able to come up with the name of the mountain myself. but when i heard the word in the news, the memory popped open: Tongariro.

i still remember the crossing, being picked up by a mini-bus which collected travellers, then driving there, with a stop on the way so that everyone could buy enough water. until the start of the walk, i thought there would be a tour guide. not so, it turned out. but the trail was easy enough to find and follow. and the sights when crossing the rim were stunning: there it was. a real vulcano. on the way down, the trail passed some hot water ponds, that's where the second photo is from. i am the first to the left.

and now it erupted. here's a video - the images that come up after 10 seconds are showing the same view like the photo i took back then, i think. and for some catastrophe humour, read into the comments of this article at NBC

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