Saturday, August 25, 2012

small voices, or: in this moment

the new photo friday theme is: Quiet.

which seems like a zen advice for the upcoming weekend in the mountains: to move from the rush to a slower pace. to find a quiet spot. to just be. to listen.

the theme also made me think of "Small Voices" - a collaboration with Daniela Elza, which went online in summer 2010 just a day before i was heading for some mountain time in France:

Small Voices
How to listen to small voices? We make noise, create things that make loud noises. All too quickly forget to listen to the very quiet, to silences, which speak to us in numerous ways. This theme encompasses both artists' work: the many ways earth/mind thinks, speaks. The invitation: Listen.

visit Counterexample poetry for the images and the full text:
Small Voices: Fire Whispers - Listen Rocks - Earth Not Equal Moon

the images above is based on one of the draft images for the series, with a moment from a mountain lake in France as image.

now: packing bags for Austria.
and then: the road.


Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous too. I remember a pic similar, similar colors to this, that I liked a lot, a while ago....

Dorothee Lang said...

hi Rose - yes, there is another photo of the same series online somewhere in the blog - i think it also was for photo friday.