Thursday, August 30, 2012

"A Monkey Puzzle Rocket Burst", or: reading Ulysses

today: very Ulysses.

it started with reading Beth Adams blog entry on finishing her read through Ulysses, starting with those lines that reminded me of my own attempts of finding the longer path into this book: "Last night I finished my major summer reading: on my third attempt in as many decades, I finally finished Ulysses. How do I feel? Well, I keep asking myself that question. I guess I feel relieved to be done and proud of myself for actually finishing it, bu mostly I feel rather exhausted, somewhat annoyed, somewhat amused. In some ways I still don't know what to make of it. Perhaps that's what Joyce intended, and perhaps that's part of what makes it a great book: the fact that you are never really done with it, and it's never really done with you." - more here: Ulysses -- and the Trojan Horse Within

the notes added a good spin to my day – made me remember the time when i got a copy of Ulysses from the library - hardcover. almost 1000 pages. an indeed heavy read, from pure size. - and the story that sparked from there. which now also made me log back into fictionaut again, to give that story a page again, quotes included. here it is:

A monkey puzzle rocket burst
"The things we do for books, she thought.."
(a true story)

and a visual, with lines from Ulysses - a quote from page 34 / 35 of the copy i finally ordered last year, just for days like this.

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