Sunday, September 16, 2012

blue drive & searching a way and finding a view

blue skies again today, and after a chilly morning, a late-summer day. i went for a drive, and took a road that at some point crosses the Jakobsweg - the "El Camino de Santiago" which i walked for a bit on the first of September after discovering it passes through near here. thought it should be easy to locate that crossing, but then, the Jakobsweg is made for long-distance-walking, and doesn't come with signed parking spots that neatly point to passages of it...

...yet the searching brought another find: a walkway that leads along fields with views of the "Alb" - the blue mountain range that i often visited this summer. said walkay also is not far from here, but i think i neither drove along that road, nor walked there before.


and below, another mountain range photo, with bench. loved the view. for more moments of this region, try the first Jakobsweg blog entry, it also leads to the blue mountains at the end walking El Camino, or: a home journey 

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