Tuesday, September 11, 2012

end of summer: tuesday 4 pm & I don't know if these are real

here, summer is turning to fall today. an hour ago, i was sitting outside for a terrace tea break under blue sky. now a huge weather front moved in and it started to rain, as if someone turned a massive shower on, and temperatures are dropping from 27°C today to 17°C tomorrow. hello 180° sky-turn


& some links of the day:

"Prove You Are Not A Robot" by P. S. Cottier at Tim Jones

which unintended but painfully connects to this line by Terribleminds from Readers as victims of bad author behaviour "I was online at Amazon (which already is notoriously assy in terms of filter and discoverability) and I was reading reviews and was suddenly struck by the horrifying notion
 – I don’t know if these are real." 


...and now i better click publish before the thunder & lightning is coming even closer and blacks out the power.

yours in real,

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