Friday, September 7, 2012

on the horizon & snowed under summer time

the new photo friday theme is "On The Horizon".

the sky photos above is from this morning, 6.58. the theme went online at 7.00. so i guess, this is my horizon photo.

also on the horizon: after a string of autumn-like days, there's a sunny summer weekend upcoming. maybe the last for this year.

in other news, i am snowed under with work for a freelance project that i got handed on short notice. it's good, though. there also was the risk / fear lingering that another project would come to an end. in these times, you never really know how the next months will turn out. so i am happily snowed under with summer sun. i might have to postpone the blueprint review issue, though. will see how the next days develop.

& more skies

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