Saturday, September 8, 2012

sk/edge, or: a zen moment, 4 fragments and 7 signs

a fragment of this week (and of the past): sk/edge is a sequence of a flash installation that never reached completion. now it finally found a place in qarrtsiluni's Fragments issue.
here is the direct link: sk/edge

and some other fragments / links of this week:
  • a zen garden moment from a place not that far from here. looking at it now with sk/edge up on the screen, these also could be counterpart pieces of day/night, symmetry/sketch..: 
    for/get (zen garden, day 60)
  • a reflection on the publishing process and questions for authors, from author Penny C. Sanseviere, with a note on time that gives a larger frame, including doing research, hopes for fame, books sales, marketing, editing, and patience:  7 Signs that you're not ready to publish
  • the article made me remember a blog post from a while ago with this quote on "overnight success" from a literary agent: "Have you ever noticed that when an author becomes really popular, readers act like the author's success appeared out of nowhere? - In reality, a big success takes anywhere from 2 to 10 years.": years and years
  • and this: collected author notes on awards, gender, ethnicity, nominations and the definition of "world":  a roundabout that picks up on the Hugo award ceremony for Science Fiction works, but draws a much larger circle: SF Signal - MIND MELD: Non-Anglo Presence in the Hugo Awards – Is it Possible?

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