Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September, and day 63 of 100

summer, autumn, summer
seasons changed here in the last days. 2 weeks ago, it was summer full on, with almost tropical days. then, the previous weekend: a taste of autumn. morning fog. yellow leaves on the street. the feeling of: is summer over already?

yesterday the skies changed again, and it looks like there is another summer weekend coming. time, and the way it flows.

100 Days of Summer
meanwhile, with August turning to September, the 100 Days of Summer - this project of shared daily creativity - now moved to day #60 and further. the main hub of the project is a facebook group page, which works well on a daily basis, but if you want to move along the timeline, you soon get lost. so the idea rose to create a reflection place. it's online, and includes favourite posts, half-way reflections, collages, all sorted in a mosaic:
100 days 2012 - Half Way Snapshot

Daily Shared Creativity
Someone noted that one of the really great things of the 100 days is that when lacking own words, soon enough someone else finds them, so here some quotes on the unexpectes energy this daily endevour generates, even on the difficult days, the ones that leave you with a blank page at first:

"To have this daily committment to a few minutes of creative play is unexpectedly rewarding. It is like a meditation, something apart from the rest of the day, a pause, a refuge. .. The feedback too is rewarding, many times surpsing me with what others see in something I have done, how a piece connects with others in unexpected ways." - Steve at Hobnailballet

"There’s such a wealth of extraordinary talent collected here it is humbling. Every day brings something intriguing, amazingly beautiful, conceptually outstanding, exceptionally creative. And the feedback and support of those involved this year has been tremendously inspiring and I know this personally, has kept many of us going when we think we have nothing more to come up with, nothing left inside." - Susan at Talespinning

and visiting my own day #50 note: "The group page is one of the first pages I visit in the morning, and it’s like walking through a constantly growing gallery, with threads and series developing. The virtual visit often makes me notice connecting angles / details / moments during the day: the detail of petals, asemic structures, laundry on a line, the changing pattern of things… Looking very forward to the second half." - me at p art ici patio n

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