Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Worlds Apart, an interview at I Must Be Off, or: When did it occur to you...?

Book Questions
Last week, expat author and traveller Christopher Allen interviewed me and Smitha about our book, Worlds Apart. The questions were so interesting, opening a space of reflection, like this one:

“When did it occur to you that you had something more than an email exchange? It is certainly much more. It's a compelling and insight-rich dialogue interspersed with poetry, essay and photography.”

The interview is both about the book, and about travelling and identity in general - and about the closeness distance can bring:

"Writing a letter -- especially to someone you don't know -- brings that out sometimes. Is it the easy conviviality of knowing that what is shared is unknown? I don't know."

I am happy how this interview turned out - which, like the book, is rather a dialogue between worlds, in a triangle of India / Germany / UK&Germany. There are also some images from China, India and Germany included:
Worlds Apart -- an Interview with authors Dorothee Lang and Smitha Murthy

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