Friday, September 14, 2012

souvenirs from NY, and a name sister

so i second-hand-ordered a book. both because the review in the book blog i came across it sounded interesting, and because there are 3 name sisters in it: 3 Dorothys.

now it arrived. when i opened it at first and browsed some pages, i ran across this fitting line for the name-order-reason:



"Remember our pledge of alliance?" she says.

We are all of us the same; we are all of us sisters.


i read the lines, read them again, and then marked the page by leafing it.

and while doing so... something moved inside the book. and sailed down.

"What's that?" i wondered.

turns out, whoever bought it left the initial receipt in it, together with the book mark of the bookshop.

so now i got the seldom and not-really-important but second-hand-interesting treat of knowing a bit about the journey of this book: it was bought in New York, at Strand Book Store, on the 15. October 2010, at 11.47 am. In addition to the book, the first reader bought a "Tote Bag with Blue and Green Stripes", and Heart NY Peppermints, and 7 postcards.

it's what i like about physical books, and also second hand books: that they have a story, and sometimes tell a tiny bit of it. like when i ordered "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek" by Annie Dillard, and the second hand note said: "used. good condition". and what arrived was a first edition from 1974, here's the blog note from that day:
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. "used. good condition."

now, off to do some reading.

happy friday :)

PS.. somehow i forgot to include the book title, it's "A Short History of Women"
can't remember the book blog, but i just tried to find it and arrived at this list of book blog reviews about it .. and now i found the initial review: A Book A Week

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Anonymous said...

I love it when dockets fall out of things. That's a poem right there (in the details).