Thursday, September 27, 2012

ti/me, or: Sea, Thievery, and Small Stones

In August, Aubrie Cox at Yay Words wrote: "I will take small poems until Saturday, September 15th about the sea and/or thieves/thievery. As I have with other projects, I will take up to 5, and I’ll at least take one."

i noted the words down: Sea / Thievery, and wanted to send something early - but ended up running late, and took the note with me on a drive a day before deadline. it was there, during the drive, while standing on the third red light in row that the lines above came together.

Sea Bandits
from that red crossing in Germany, they now found their way into the Sea/Thievery issue, you can find it here at Yaywords, the introduction to it also is about time: Sea Bandits.
the visual above is an illustrated version, in the issue, you find the text-only version of my ti/me piece right after the sandcastle on page 1 (which includes this moment of "opening a car window just to breath the wind")

Small Stones
and in a parallel of format, i came across this note from Fiona Robyn in twitter:
"lots more people are dropping a #smallstone or two into the twitter-river. join them - mindfulwriting is good for you: why & how to write small stones"

so easy, to forget those little habits that are good for us. and seeing that the 100 days of summer are nearing their end, i might continue there with a small stone series


Anonymous said...

I love this, image + words. Do you call this a Vispo or not? Very nice though – :) Something about it.

Dorothee Lang said...

thanks! is it a Vispo? i think so - or maybe rather: a possible Vispo-version of the original plain-text poem. somehow i feel with Vispos, they should rather develop as Vispos right from the start.