Tuesday, October 2, 2012

mess/age. vulnerability. and the world.

today started with a sky like a painting carrying a message that waits to take shape. and with a camera willing to capture it.

then all turned to a mess. or rather: into a lesson of vulnerability. for a freelance project, i am admin in a (german) web forum. usually, all members are rather on the civil side, and as all have the same focus of interest, and are really a mirror of the real-life community in this area, acting up in the forum is obviously as bad an idea as acting up at a family meet-up. well. only that now we are confronted with just that. and it was not only acting up, but rather vandalizing under another name.
so hours are now spent in figuring out what exactly had happened and who is behind and how to best fix it. it's a reminder how in a large community, it only takes a single person to cut up the harmony and create a mess. and the internet can be a painfully good playground for this.

and the world
and in contrast, the day yesterday - book-monday, the feeling of sharing reads around the world, and more than that: while browsing other participating blogs, i arrived at a blog from a (western) teacher in Saudi-Arabia with the entry line: "I teach 6th grade Language Arts at an international school in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.” - below the book post, she also writes about the recent riots: "The State of the World (at least my corner of it)" that ends with these lines: "Finally a reflection of living 'normal' life when down the street is under siege in Cairo from Heather Dray can be found here. I continue to shake my head and wonder when the day will come that evil no longer has a hold on humankind." - I'm Writing Too

This world.

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