Sunday, October 7, 2012

things i didn't know about myself (and my book)

i just came across this list:

in Goodreads, i am #4 of the "most followed people this week in Germany" 

and what is just as curious, but more important and beautiful:

439 people added "Worlds Apart" to their to-read list 

i have no idea how all this works in Goodreads. and looking at the books at my own to-read list, i know that not all books it includes will be read - but some of them will....

...and some readers even write mail. this is from a writer friend, Marcia Arrieta  (thanks for sending the lines. it's one thing to see numbers, but what would numbers be without the reflections beyond them)

"i just finished reading Worlds Apart, which i very much enjoyed. it is a beautiful dialogue between you and smitha, and also very interesting in relation to the information and perspectives on the different countries mentioned. i am very happy for both of you that your correspondence became a book and that others are able to share your insights, experiences, and philosophies. Congratulations!!"


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roseauslander said...

Great -- congratulations!