Tuesday, November 6, 2012

between rain and night

yesterday was rainy, with strings of dry sky and some sun in between.

in the afternoon i waited for a gap in the rain to go jogging - time switched here already, so it starts to get dark at 5 pm already. this is the view from the window at a quarter to 5. yes i went for a round. and was lucky, and the only person out there in the fields. then another figure appeared, dressed in a dark jacket and trousers, walking in my direction. turned out, it was another woman. we smiled when we passed each other.

i usually feel safe out there, but there was this eerie atmosphere in the air - dark sky, black birds, black silhouettes of trees. but also, the wind, so full of november energy.

there's a larger version of the image up in the photo blog: evening.
(the link connects to the starting page, as the sky clicks so well with the evening image from 10 days ago. at least in the current version of the automatic collage

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