Sunday, November 4, 2012

geometry of time

beyond 100 days
in October (exactly: on the 12. October), the shared daily project "a 100 days of summer" ended - i had blogged a photo daily for 100 days in my photo blog "p art ici patio n"

yesterday i revisted the blog, and saw that the template got automatically updated and now only showed the photos - the text and comments were now separate, and needed extra clicks to get to. so i switched to another template now, "AutoFocus", which creates an automatic mosaic as starting page, with the first images larger, and the older images smaller.

the daily shift of focus
i really like it: it's like a reflection of our focus in time, which usually is dominated by the current events - those events that seem most important, while the things that were equally mportant some days ago then shrink in focus - like here, same collage just one entry earlier:

the now and the tomorrow
browsing through the posts of this week, the theme of time is one of the main themes -- with the mindful writing day and its focus on the now, and the video on "thinking about thinking", which points out the gap between the things we want right now, as opposed to the things we reach for in a longer-term. or, to keep in the image of the collage: between the now-here and the future-here, between the current shape and focus and the possibility of tomorrow.

also, an idea for later this month popped up while browsing the entries. more about that, later. :)

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