Sunday, November 11, 2012

time mirrors (or: China, Frankfurt, Lanzarote) + a police call

some moments in time:

Yesterday i browsed photos from last year's november, and arrived at a city photo with a fascinating water reflection and a swan - i played with it, and tried a mirror, which brought out the essence of the mood that made me stop and take the image. it's online now, as part of the wordpress photo theme: "Renewal": bridge

Short story week + China issue at Words Without Borders
It's Short Story Week upcoming - i blogged about it in the blueprint book blog, with the suggestion to join the big short celebration online by reading a short story, and spreading the link this sunday or next sunday in twitter with #storysunday: short story week.
 One of the short stories i read this week, the one that still echoes in my mind, is from the new issue of Words Without Borders: Banned Chinese Writers, a different kind of poetic story: Fiction by Chen Xiwo: The Man with the Knife – „He was a famous poet, so they almost all submitted...“

4 weeks back: Book Fair, now playing
It feels longer ago, but it's just a month ago that i went to the Frankfurt Book Fair. A flashback with impressions is now up at the Aotearoa Affair, with images from J├╝rgen Fauth - turned out, we were there at the same day, and could have met, but didn't realize it: All About Frankfurt:

2 weeks forward: Lanzarote
In 2 weeks this time i will wake in Lanzarote. Looking forward, and the call from twitter for their fiction festival that happens just at that time now gave an idea to create different kind of travel notes from the note - visuals with short texts. underneath this post, i put a sample together, with a moment from Mallorca in May: sky. water.path. it also made me think of journeys, and the way they offer thousands of impressions - which to pick and keep?


...i started this post yesterday evening, as a virtual walk through links and thoughts and time, and had just arrived in China when the phone rang, with a call from the police. there's a woman in the neighbourhood here who sometimes goes through disturbed phases, and about 4 weeks ago, she entered our neigbour's garden, and then kept returning to the houses here, walking up and down the street, and standing watching the houses. some days later, she entered our garden, and started to move things there. when we talked with her, she said she is looking for a woman who is trapped and captured in a garden. we called the police, also as we felt unsure how to deal with this situation, but they can't do much in those situations, unless the person is willing to get help.
now the woman went missing, and that's why they called, to ask if we have seen her. it was dark already, and raining. the nights are near frost. we went checking our garden, and then to the neighbours, with the police at phone. she wasn't there, but one of the neighbours had seen her the evening before, standing opposite the town hall, so that might be a hint.

it's painful, to see this vulnerability of our minds that can move a person out of reach of the others. even when standing right there in front of you, she is like in another world, in a scary place of trapped people she needs to find and save, and it almost feels like it's a reflection of the way she is searching for her lost own self that is trapped somewhere.

i hope she found her way home.

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