Saturday, December 22, 2012

best of 2012, or: mirrors of now

photo friday is running their annual “best of the year” challenge - a good but not easy task. it made me go and revisit my blogged photos. i guess my favs of this year are the mirror images i created for the 100 days of summer: 

the first is from the park in my hometown Esslingen,
the second is a metro station in Paris
and the third is from the French Alps


Tanya Patrice said...

I seriously live vicariously through you and your pictures :-)

Tanya Patrice

Rachel Fenton said...

I couldn't even think of posting a pic after seeing yours. Breathtaking.

Dorothee said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving those beautiful notes. Reading the words, "seriously live vicariously" made me think that this one of the motivations for me to take photos, and then to work with them on the screen: to live more vicariously by capturing and revisting precious moments, by exploring them.