Friday, December 21, 2012

solstice: mindful moments, revisits/revisions & world reads, or: a rough plan for 2013

today: winter solstice. this turning point in time: from here on, the days will grow longer again.

the sky isn't very festive here, though: there's a snow/rain front moving through. but yesterday brought a surprising and colorful sunrise, like a painting almost. i took several photos, the one above captures it best.

mindful moments
taking the sunrise picture made me think of January 2013, and the return of the mindful writing challenge that has the title: "Pay more attention and fall in love with the world", this task and inspiration to note the small, beautiful moments the everyday holds, and make/take time to note one of them each day. (here's more).

looking forward to it, and yesterday i revisited some of the moments from January 2011.... .

....which also brought the thought to put up some kind of frame in the shelf here, a place to display those daily moments. and beyond that daily moments, leads to another theme of these days:

revisiting & revising
over time, both with my own writing and with blueprintreview, so many different works - photos, texts, stories, blog entries, notes - have gathered. like this winter solstice note from last year, which is now re-posted in the blueprint lit blog: Solstice Reflections

in 2013, i want to spend more time with those works, revisit, and also: revise. the impulse for that came through my first travel novel, and the island stay. here's a blog note from November, and a photo:

Masala Moments is my first travel novel, so far only available in print (more here). As i am reading more and more e-books myself, it now seems like a logical step to create an ebook version. And while at it, i might add a current introduction, i thought. And started to read into it - and then realized that it would be a good book to take along, to read and re-format and re-new. Still working on that. So good to be back to those pages, and it feels like right timing. I hope to have the revision complete by the end of the year. 

world reads
there are so places out there, and so many books. it's impossible to visit all, and to read all. but after joining a global reading challenge in 2012, and the places it took me to, the authors and stories i discovered with it, i am now already looking forward to continue the world reads - and to combine it with a focus on different aspects of the world: the current megacities of the world, the highest countries, the richest countries, the ones with most immigrants.. here's the challenge link: 7 Continents, 7 Billion People, 7 Books

so summing it up, here is my rough base plan for 2013:


- noticing the small moments
- revisiting and revising
- reading around the world
looking forward, and especially looking forward to the sharing and connecting, the collective January of noticing small moments, and the joined reading around the world, the exchange of experiences and impressions, of days and moments.

may 2013 bring joy and light~~

PS: and sharing - today i came across a page of shared sky views. i just added my solstice photo, here: sky watch.


Laura said...

so beautiful... may we all awaken more moment by precious moment.

Anonymous said...

That is a stunning shot!

Dorothee said...

Laura, ladyfi - thanks for your note! Glad you enjoyed the sky moment. (and still glad my camera captured it.)