Wednesday, December 19, 2012

lines drawn from greening winds

a photo from the other side of winter:
the moment is from February, the trees waking up from winter hiatus

& a tree call:
Leafpress is inviting poets to send lines for their New Year's Co-operative poem. The theme for 2013 is: "Trees": An entry consists of one line or one couplet. Each line approximately 12 syllables or fewer. Poets may send as many entries as they like. Guidelines, Deadline is 30.12.

... & here's the link to their new year poem from 2012, with some quoted lines:


Lines Drawn from Greening Winds
This time of memory, of sketching a rough plan for the new year,
Of stepping out with you into the s/now.
What if there were only words to give at this dark time
what if we only craved light.
In early morning dreams I cleared mind and heart of old resentments
woke to Winter Solstice shortest day most magical night.
Lines drawn from greening winds fall on the silent page,
assert themselves, flirt, delight to surrender another construct.

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Michelle Shannon said...

Beautiful picture! We are going through a blizzard right now, so I cannot wait until we get to that stage of winter again!