Monday, January 7, 2013

cloth circles, or: monday breakdowns & connections

mindful monday breakdown
this is #5 of the mindful videos for january. i didn't know this while filming: but the washer broke down shortly afterwards. so these were some of its last cloth circles before its own life cycle ended. now i wonder: was it aware of the filming?

january connections
  • this january video series is inspired by the mindful januay writing challenge (which i join in video)
  • parallel to that, i now also joined 30 in 30 - a visual dive into january, some take part with daily paintings, some with photos, and i with video. more about 30 in 30 with links to all participants, at Chris Galvin's blog
  • that's what i so like about the web: the sharing of ideas, moments, creatitive endevours. i'm also glad that i visited Jane Hammons' blog - we both had joined the 100 days of summer, and as it turns out, Jane will venture into video this year, too. here's her blog: Lighting Out for the territory


& more of my january videos, including some notes, here: life as a journey with some videos


Anonymous said...

A mindful and hynotic moment. Simple palette of blues and whites works so well with the gentle, reversing circles. Nice that you caught the machine in its last circles.

Evelyn said...

Everything in balance...first one direction, then back the other way.

Jane Hammons said...

I love the audio in this also and as Evelyn said, the switching of gears: one direction then back around again.

Dorothee said...

thanks for your feedback! there is something soothing about watching the washing turn into one direction, then the other. and the blue and whites, i hadn't really planned for colors, it was just the washing of the weekend, but it combined nicely.

Anonymous said...

Ha! :) I like this. :)