Sunday, January 6, 2013

lucky shot (or: swan effects)

the new photo friday theme is "The Lucky Shot". what i like about this challenge is: that it lets me see my own photos from a different angle. for "Lucky Shot", i arrived at this swan moment, and the story it connects to:

the phoot - i took the photo last Sunday, and at first visiting the lake wasn't lucky: the weahter had turned from sunny to rainy while driving to the lake. but the rain had a good side: there were almost no other visitors on this sunday afternoon. and after a while, the rain stopped again. standing there, watching some ducks, a white movement showed beyond trees  - and a swan appeared, swimming along slowly. i took a photo, then tried a video:

the video shows the swan still a bit afar, coming closer. in the end, it swam up near the lakeside, maybe 2 metres away. so close.

it was a moment of beauty, to be there at the lake, and with the whole atmosphere, it almost felt a bit mystic, or meditative: the circles in the water, the curved movements.

it was this swan video that then brought the idea to try experiment more with video in january, for the mindful month, which so far lead to a (s)wing detour + rain patterns + a tree to sky moment + 8 a.m. bells

thank you for the inspiration, swan.


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