Saturday, January 5, 2013

detour into the everyday: (s)wing

sometimes a bakery walk 
leads to a detour 
into the everyday: 


it has been there since years: this swing. but usually i take another, shorter way to the bakery. which currently comes with a construction site. so: the longer way it was yesterday again. past the swing.

walking by, i thought: that might be a good place of movement to film. and sitting on the swing, i felt like a child again, exploring, feeling this rush of movement. now, not to let the camera drop.. and up again.

another "side effect" of this detour-bakery walk is right below: colors of now: yellow


Anonymous said...

What a novel idea! I have to admit I think I got a bit dizzy but I so loved to swing when I was a girl. Nice.

Evelyn said...

What a fun idea! I haven't been able to swing without getting dizzy since I was pregnant years ago. Oh the things those hormones do! Love the blurry yellow flower as well.

Jane Hammons said...

wonderful! i love the way the bar at the top crosses into view occasionally. interesting that we have similar projects; i'll definitely be keeping up with this. i posted my "toy store" video directly to fb yesterday, but i think i'll start putting them on my blog instead.

Anonymous said...

Both lovely and dizzying. I like that each swing back and forth is slightly different in height, bringing glimpses of the swingset frame or the doors and windows on the buildings. Glad you are doing the 30 in 30 project too.