Friday, January 4, 2013

colors of now: yellow

the plan this morning was to go for a quick walk, just to the bakery and back, but i got sidetracked on the way, or rather: sideswung (video to follow tomorrow).

when i finally arrived at the bakery, it was all crowded. so in an even further detour, i walked down the other street, to the other bakery, past the flower shop.. and then saw the yellow. walked on. turned back.


& the photo effect, it isn't even an effect. it's a wrong camera setting, the one for fast moving objects.

today: a perfect mishap.


(smallstones, day #4. more here in the smallstone blog / on twitter)


Anonymous said...

Mishap of "perfection" -- as it should be!!

Dorothee said...

yes! it was just good that i had some extra time on the bakery walk for the unplanned detours.

Anonymous said...

I love yellow flowers and to be able to see one wonderful is that!