Tuesday, January 8, 2013

january newness & revision

today: day #8 of the new year.

today: day #50 of revising my travel novel masala moments. from the 7 chapters, the first five are complete, and in the sixth is almost there. which leaves the most difficult task: the ending chapter, which needs more revision than the others. yesterday i printed both chapter 6 & 7 and read through it in one go, and it feels, the path into the revision of the final chapter now is becoming a bit clearer.

today: day #8 of the mindful writing month, which now also lead to 30 in 30. really enjoying the shared creativity, and the experimenting with video. it's intereting how this different format lets me look at things in a different way, notice movement and sound of a scene more, like yesterday afternoon: the sun came out for a bit, and i went jogging. and in the first 5 minutes i saw some little details which made me feel: that might be an interesting video. so i jogged back, to get my mobile with camera included, and one of the videos came out really nice. will upload it later.

& photos in time
...the photo collage is from my photo blog, which i will update less regularly for this month, but i do enjoy the combination of moments and places in time it creates as automatic starting page: p art ici patio n

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