Tuesday, January 8, 2013

follow the line (sunset jog moment, day #8)

outside on the fields 
a power line leads  
to a triangle of sound:
follow the line 

 this video is from yesterday afternoon - i went jogging at winter sunset time (half past 3). while filming, i was so focuses on the lines that i didn't notice the church bells (you might have to turn up the sound to hear them). when i first saw the video after uploading, i checked twice to see if the bell sound is in the video or happening outside. these are the same church bells as in the first video: day #1: 8.a.m moment


more shared moments from others today.. 


Jane Hammons said...

love the bells, very clear
what kind of camera do you use (you can tell that i'm obsessed with this kind of information lately :)

Dorothee said...

i don't have a real video camera :) so the clips are either from the "video" setting of my photo camera, or just filmed with my mobile phone, which works well for online clips, and i have it with me anyway.

Evelyn said...

I love the bells. I can hear bells here every hour and half hour as they chime from the church across the river.