Saturday, January 12, 2013

new moon new snow new places

the photo is from earlier this week, when the moon still was visibile as sliver. yesterday was new moon: Neumond, as it is named here. and today brings: Neuschnee. new snow. not much, just an icing on everything, but there it is: a world in white. looking forward to a walk through white today.

and following the theme of newness a diary revisit:


january 2012
it's day 10 of january. and as january is the month of the river of stones, it's also stone #10 today.

the collection of all stones i gathered / noticed so far is up in the blog i started for another challenge, and that is now also home of stones:  p art ici patio n .
which also comes with a new blog layout that creates image collages. the template is called autofocus, almost in humorous contrast of the idea of stones.

it's one of the things i consciously try for these days: newness. trying something else, or trying another way of doing something. looking at things from a different place. point of view, it makes such a difference. change the approach, the view to something, and other elements move into focus. or take yesterday: looking at my bookshelf from another, new category: books by continents . which brought books into focus that i almost had forgotten about, from countries that i need to spellcheck, and mapcheck. places i never read books from  before.


PS: the idea of books by continents, it grew from there, and this year turned into an own challenge (7 continents, 7 books), and into a list: my reads sorted by continent, then by country

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bookspersonally said...

What a gorgeous sky in this picture! I love that blue-black, especially.