Tuesday, January 22, 2013

shore stones, everyday stones (reflections on day #22)

day 22 of the small stones.

the first line in the daily thread by Satya to collect stones is a question - followed by more questions:

How are you getting on? 
With today's small stone, you have ten more to write until the end of the January challenge. Just ten. How many have you written so far? Have you enjoyed the writing? Have you enjoyed the noticing? Has noticing more brought some difficult realisations along with some extra beauty & joy? (I hope so...). Have the small stones had any side-effects on the rest of your life?

for me with my videos, the noticing and filming of stones not only opens my eyes, but also my ears: i am more conscious about sounds. when i see something that might be interesting to film, i first stand and listen.

yet video isn't easy, with its combination of image and sound and movement. sometimes i think: i don’t know what to film next. it would be so much easier in summer, with the flowers in the garden and blue skies and more outdoor time – but then on the other hand, it’s good to have this challenge in winter time, and find the everyday moments in them. we need them more in winter anyway, as in summer when they lurk at every corner.


shore stones
the task also makes me go through files and look for the couple of videos i filmed at earlier points. there is one with stones, a shore moment. i now added it at the start of the string of videos - so that's my revisited stone moment for today.


Jules said...

Thank you for sharing your Video Stones. I hope to come back to them for inspiration. As I have book marked your site. I also liked your Milky Way in the cup. :)

Jules said...

Oh my small stones can be found here:

Dorothee said...

hi Jules, and thanks for visiting and leaving a note. i just followed your link, i remember your blog from the first week of small stones. love your colored tag cloud.