Monday, January 21, 2013

today, life, and the milkyway in a coffee cup

today: day 21 of january and the mindful videos

today: more snow. yesterday it was icerain. so snow definitely is an improvement from that. still, it's draining, and also dangerous: getting anywhere suddenly is a slight sliding danger.

today: worries about a family member who was all well on friday, had headaches on saturday, called the doc on sunday to check, and is now in hospital.

today: seeing the list of to-dos for today and wishing for an easier day.

today: thinking of pausing with the mindful videos, and then noticing the milkyway inside a coffee cup.

...and now the snow stops falling.
so i will clear the walkway now, again, but hopefully to last for today.


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eof777 said...

Hope your day brightens. I enjoyed the video too. ;-)

Dorothee said...

thanks! glad you enjoyed this coffee moment.