Tuesday, January 15, 2013

sunrise with birdsong after a string of grey winter days

today: the sun for sunrise.
i tried 2 videos -
the one above is the first, with birdsong, but the movement too fast
the second is slower, but the birds are missing


& in addition, a stone from last year,
 from the other side of the sun's day: 

driving into the sunset, 
i look for a good place to stop & take a picture 
and catch her just before she leaves *

+ 30 in 30

(*the sun in german in female: she sun
so i think of her as she in other languages, too
just like with the moon (male), the earth (female) -
and the sky (male )


eof777 said...

This is beautiful... You have so many blogs... hard to tell which one houses your small stones. :-)

Dorothee said...

hi Eliz, glad you enjoyed the sunrise. my blogs, i know - the photo blog is in wordpress, and that's where the 2012 smallstones are, but i'm trying to keep things more focused this year, so the stones are all here, shortcut is: http://virtual-notes.blogspot.de/search/label/smallstone