Sunday, February 3, 2013

2 views, or: my environment

the new photo friday theme is: "my environment".
 how to put that in 1 image? i wondered and browsed files
and arrived at the photo above, with a view of the landscape here:
the typical silhouette of the Alb hillrange at the horizon,
and the topography that is carved by rivers, and comes with fields, forests and towns in between

later, on a drive, i crossed the bridge of the Neckar river nearby -
this river that runs through my hometown,
and also runs through the town i live in now, like a fluid constant in time.
it's running high these days with thaw water and rain, flooding river sidewalks and trees.

i also tried a video. after the month of mindful videos,
this comes easier now.
the colored building that pops up on the  riverside beyond the bridge.
it's is a house created by architect Hundertwasser.
which fits with the water theme: "Hundertwasser" translates to "hundred-water".

hard to believe, but this is the same river like in this city photo from 10 days ago:
(or, to be correct: the city photo is a sidearm of the river,
that once was its original path)
The color of water in janaury

and i guess this blog post now also belongs
to the category of short local trips:
home journeys


Evi said...

Lovely images and words to accompany.

Brad Adams said...

Nice pictures! I hope in a few years nothing changes in this landscape because I want to go cycling with my sons as I went with my dad.