Friday, March 15, 2013

Other People F-Stop Group Exhibition Layers

domino web chain:

as i had some web layout stuff to do, i looked for a sort of "podcast-to-listen-to-while-doing-weblayouts", and stopped by at "Other People with Brad Listi"

and as his latest episode with Tim Horvath was in-depth interesting, i kept listening even when the weblayouts were done, and looked for some more layout / photo work to do, and then remembered that it's deadline day today for F-Stop.

and as F-Stop has an open theme call for their next Group Exhibition, I went and browsed my photo archives and put a set of photos together

and as that put several photos on top of each other in the photo editor, i started to move photos on top of each other in layers.

that's how the image above came together.

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