Thursday, March 7, 2013

the new issue of blueprintreview is launching!

the new issue of blueprintreview is launching!

the first in/stance(s) are online, featuring Karyn Eisler, Rose Hunter and Sina Evans: blueprintreview starting page

click the images to get to the issue pages


feedback, notes, cross-connections:

"It looks fabulous!!!  Karyn's work is stellar--especially those koi! Here's to blue honey" - Sina 

"Still excited about this first set of instances, and the parallels and counterparts included - like this one: Rose sent a “vehicular” series, and without knowing of it, Karyn sent a series that focuses on “Static Motion”. - Dorothee 

"How lovely! I love Karyn's also, lovely images. And your design is beautiful also. To the instant! Being all we have..." - Rose

"Love this ‘clicking the squares’ format. Fun to do ... Congratulations on getting to the launch stage, with so much (re)innovation and (re)conceptualization involved in the (new) format of BPR...." - Karyn, who also blogged about the issue and her series: static motions blog note

"BluePrint review is off to a good start!  I love all of the first group, and it does make me smile how Rose and Karyn are juxtaposed in theme" - Steve Wing

"the new issue of blueprintreview sounds wonderful--i love "to explore the nature of the moments, of daily creation, of viewpoints of time"   which reminds of last week when i was rereading a chapter in the tao of pooh by benjamin hoff  about the honey jar   it is the moments that matter" - marcia arrieta 


submissions are now open, too.
please note that this issue is dedicated to current or previous creative online projects, especially daily online projects that cover a certain amount of time and explore a format / theme / place and focus on moments / the nature of moments. To get an idea of possible formats, please visit the first pages of the issue and check the issue guidelines.

enjoy each moment!

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