Tuesday, March 5, 2013

wave and wave and wave

the next of the March doodles is up, and it's a lighthouse. it instantly made me think of Mallorca island, and the lighthouse at the Northern edge at Formentor. the route to it is stunning, and just some miles before you arrive at the lighthouse, there's a bay with a view towards the island, and with azur water. that's where i took this photo.

now for a short poem, i thought. and arrived at this wave poem:

wave and wave and wave and wave 
of open horizon 
& in the night: circular


when i tried to turn it into the visual above, it changed. interesting how a different outer format creates a different text.

and later, in unknown tune with the theme, a friend sent these lines from the new Poetry.com:

Dolphins at Seven Weeks” by Rachel Jamison Webster 
“Inward lush unpetaling purpose in pink blooms of sleep, and I no longer needed to be separate. I was living there then, at the edge of the sea. ... We walked the folded cliffs over conifer fronds and mud runneling rocks slick with dropped fruit and rotting camellias to pause at the first ridge.”

i read the lines outside, at noon, sitting in the corner of the terrace that provided shelter from the wind. it was like being there for a moment. and made me go and look for an ocean video that i once filmed, but didn't upload. this is on the opposite side of the bay: wave and wave and wave, in yet another format:

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karyneisler.com said...

Such a beautiful image ... wave wave wave ~