Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Fountain Lights & Fragments of Flavour

during April, i am joining the A-Z Blogging Challenge - each day, i will revisit the archive of published works from a new alphabetical angle, and repost an image and a text. more about the plan: A-to-Z Blogging Challenge, April 2013

Today is: F. which lead back to a summer moment: "Fountain Light" - and to "Fragments of Flavour":


Fragments of Flavour

The sound of coffee being grinded. The screeching sound of something solid being transformed into a powder that is about to be transformed into something liquid.

I have never done this before, she says, to no one in particular, to herself. So this is how it feels, she thinks, while she keeps turning the grinding wheel. Or is there another word for it. Crushing wheel. Stirring wheel.

The sound of moments being flavoured. The subsiding sound of something unsubstantial being transformed into an instant that is about to be transformed into something lasting.

A rose is a rose is a rose, someone once wrote to her. Fragrances are substance, someone once said to her. When you smell a rose, it is particles of the rose becoming a part of your system for a second, for a century. The taste of a rose is a rose becoming part of you. The taste of smoke is smoke becoming part of you.

That is how you remember: a part of you holding the moment inside. This part unfolds when touched by the same taste again. Or when touched by the thought of the moment.

She tries to picture it, the fragment of the latest memory in her mind. Brown and tiny. Tasting like the coffee she is drinking now, in little sips, in concentrated doses.

This is becoming me now, she explains to the reflection of her body in the window, in the way you explain things to pets, knowing that it doesn’t matter what you say. They won’t understand the meaning of your words anyway, they will only recognize the tone of your voice.



"Fountain Light" ... the photo is taken in front of the opera house in Stuttgart, Germany. the light effect is caused by the setting sun. The photo was first published in Pequin Magazine, which is on hiat, but the pages are still online.

"Fragments of Flavour" ... was a print publication in Snow Monkey Magazine. They also have a blog: Snow Monkey.


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