Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for Evolution

during April, i am joining the A-Z Blogging Challenge - each day, i will revisit the archive of published works from a new alphabetical angle, and repost an image and a text. more about the plan: A-to-Z Blogging Challenge, April 2013

Today is: E. which is for (R)Evolution - a hypertext, created together with Karyn Eisler and Lawrence Eisler. It got published by Wheelhouse Magazine. For all of us, this also was an exploration of hypertext. Click the image to enter & then click again to read and enjoy:



Some Notes on (R)Evolution

This piece started as a visual poem, and then morphed into a poetic hypertext. A major impulse for the step into hypertext came through Susan Gibb, who wrote about the fascination, possibilities and difficulties of hypertext in her blog at: elation + (dis)comfort: hypertext. And for more about the hypertext piece, and extra links, visit the Notes on (R)Evolution.


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